Tolhurst Centrifuge

Tolhurst centrifuge Bird Tolhurst offers three types of high quality centrifuges. Choose from 16' lab, bottom-drive, and flip- top models. Each unit is manufactured with a variety of features which help enhance performance and functionality. These centrifuges are user-friendly and easy to maintain. They feature feed-cone designs which deliver more efficient slurry distribution and they can be cleaned on the spot thanks to the rotating spray ball mechanism.

Tolhurst centrifuges are designed with variable frequency drives which allow the basket speed to be matched with predefined product filtration specifications. They also are equipped with fully automatic operation with your choice of a distributed control system interface of a programmable logic controller which can be configured to your needs.

These centrifuges are fume-tight and designed to accommodate high pressure processes, which makes them more flexible than many competing similar models. They deliver an impressive 1,000 G's of separating force as well as a reciprocating dual action plow.

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